Last friday evening saw art, music, film and performance come together in our one night only show HALF, by The Branch Collective. The event ran for about two hours in total with a pinnacle ‘HALF time show’ in collaboration with band The Something Quartet and a little help from our friends at Highly Flammable.

HALF succeeded in winning the Dunedin Fringe festival Award for Best Promotional Campaign, thanks to our incremental videos, cardboardy publicity stunt and Dead Drops mission. One lucky person even managed to grab themselves one of our free entry tickets by plugging in and downloading from a Dead Drop, check out Rachel Gillies docking up here

Check out the review in this week’s Critic Magazine


Alex Lovell-Smith performs live drawing at HALF

Half time show by all The Branch members with The Something Quartet
Photos by Matt Brown


More photos to come in good time!