For one-night-only, an artistic collaboration rejects the insularity of the traditional gallery environment. Here, The Branch showcases something new, different from conventional artistic events by intertwining a time-tabled mix of musical/visual performances with continuous works. The Branch, formed in February 2010, is a collective of innovative practitioners working across a spectrum of media including film, installation, live music, performance, photography, real-time video experiments, sculpture, sound collage and VJ. Members use this collaborative forum as an artistic outlet separate from individual careers, the focus being to develop a web of skills that raise the outcome of creativity. This gives us the opportunity and freedom to create diverse original work under a collective theme. The Branch aims for these experiments to provoke contemplation and discussion, we do this by taking risks and working with controversial themes that can be interpreted from ‘different standpoints’


Current Members

Alex Lovell_Smith: Photographer, performance and installation //
Works as a creative photographer but also draws on past experience in installation based art and performance. Explores under-pinning themes of dislocation and surreality while navigating various forms of image creation.
Chris ‘Bugs’ Miller: Musician, composer and sound designer //
Currently plays in several New Zealand bands including ‘The Verlaines’, ‘Tono and the Finance Company’ and ‘Alizarin Lizard’. His roles in The Branch include composing and performing music in ‘The Something Quartet’, sound design experiments, and producing audio for the promotional videos.
Damian Smith: Performance artist and sculptor //
Damian is the newest member of The Branch. His works often, but not exclusively, dealing with the bizarre and unorthodox and the way in which they are manifested in life.

Emily Hlavac Green: Photographer and installation artist //
Working as a creative photographer in fashion, music and commercial areas with a distinct cinematic aesthetic. The Branch sees her take on a curatorial role, while her personal work currently explores multi-dimensional technology and image veracity.

Max Bellamy: Artist and filmmaker //
Working locally and nationally to establish his interdisciplinary Arts practice. Max is adept behind cameras of all kinds also working as a cinematographer and photographer. Themes of narrative, causality and constructed realities underpin his critical practice.

Mishca Rhys Hill: Graphic Designer and Performance installation //
Mishca writes proposals and constructs photo/audio/video documentation for The Branch. In Static his imitation surveillance company Complete Protection was acting security, all part of a unique art experiment. Professionally Mishca works as an Artist and Graphic Designer.

J.Ollie Lucks: VJ and film maker //
Award winning film maker. Produced various video installations and VJ’d in combination with live band performances. Created promotional videos used to advertise The Branch events online. Currently working from Melbourne, Australia.

Samdrub Dawa: Musician, music producer //
Plays in, records and mixes local bands. Previously in The Branch he has compiled sound collage and experimental film installation and has performed under ‘Fun On The Quiet’ and ‘The Something Quartet’.